To shop for physical goods in Minneapolis, check out our 'just in time' rescue feed on Instagram. We'll hook you up with flat rate delivery in Minneapolis and St. Paul proper, or you can plan ahead to come grab the goods in South Minnie at one of our scheduled weekend pickups. We are happy to work with couriers & bike delivery folks, too...  we're excited about having moved out of the holding pattern that's had us in its clutches since the loss of our Minnehaha Ave lease in 2018, and there will be more details to share in the days and weeks ahead.

To shop for physical product from anywhere, we maintain a curated inventory of 100% secondhand product on Etsy. Plan ahead: we ship via ground transit only for climate's sake, and our fulfillment processes are built to support healthy, happy workers while creating memorable experiences. Your order will be prepared with gratitude and a mischievous eye-twinkle!

We're also working to build a digital repository of creative assets available for subscription at With ten years of accumulated product photography, graphic text files, antique papers and textiles, and lists of things to dig into when time permits, it's been a dream to create a window into Junket's continuing curatorial journey!

Whether old photos & receipts, handwritten & cookbook recipes, or macabre, odd, or otherworldly, we are preparing to build out an online repository of files for printable use as art, writing or meditative prompts, or creative collage. We'll include Creative Commons licensing for our own work, be clear when we're sharing content that's in the Public Domain, and since copyright is complicated, we'll steer clear of the iffy: we'll follow this guide for Fair Use  as we share files for you to explore and use as indicated.

If you'd like to sign on to this nascent digital revolution, keep an eye on, and stay tuned for subscription details!