My desire to create a real and soothing digital experience (and not just an online shop) has been at the heart of my decision to wait until the right set of circumstances landed, until the timing was right to sit down and start sharing, and until my intuition moved me forward with the conviction of 'how could I not?'

The curatorial work that went undone during my six years at 41st & Minnehaha (followed by years of waiting to land after the first exodus of energy & matter continued across two cities and five separate physical locations) has created a unique digital opportunity as we settle in and prepare to sort, scan, and share.

Whether old photos & receipts, handwritten & cookbook recipes, or macabre, odd, or otherworldly, the goal here will be to create an online repository of files for printable use as art, writing or meditative prompts, and/or creative collage. I'll include Creative Commons licensing for proprietary work, be clear when I'm sharing content that's in the Public Domain, and since copyright is complicated, I'll steer clear of the iffy, following this guide for Fair Use as I share files for you to explore and use (as licensed, of course).

If you'd like to sign on to this nascent digital revolution, keep an eye on, and stay tuned for subscription details!

It might not work – but if you're game to join me for the journey, I'd love to have you!