Let’s face it: if you’re part of this particular mailing list, you’ve chosen to hear from me (the beauty of 100% consent-based/opt-in lists is the comfort of knowing I won’t annoy anyone who hasn’t brought it on themselves). While I’ve committed to not emailing Junket’s list more than a couple times a month, I did no such thing with this one (haHA!)  And, I’ve always appreciated Seth Godin’s daily missive — so while I don’t think that’s the likely outcome here, perhaps it’s fair warning that the question raised in this post’s title is already answered…the bigger question is whether I’ll hit ‘send email’ each time I post, or not. Jury’s out…).  

The protracted absence from my own site during the past year and a half (and, realistically, my subdued engagement on social media, etc. in the years before that) are a gap I’ll almost certainly be offsetting in coming days/months/years, as a long-awaited torrent of concepts and musings travel out into the ether…  I’ve long known that when this floodgate finally released — i.e. when I could string together coherent sequences AND felt confident enough that my brain and body had healed enough that I’d be able to maintain both a writing practice and a comfort with sharing more openly in this way again over time — the flow would likely be tough to subdue. Having synapses clicking in rapid fire again after years of fog-upon-fog? Not a gift to be taken for granted, nor wasted.

One of the barriers to making this commitment - even as things have moved very much in the right direction over the last several months - has admittedly been fear of overwhelm/overcommitment: can I afford this writing time, when so much of what I need to do right now is the tactical work of bringing in dollars and pay down debt? 

In this last week, though, my gut’s been screaming ‘how could I not?’ — essentially, synonymous with *THIS IS THE PATH FORWARD* — and so, here we are. 

At some point, I’ll likely have some specific invitations to engage/participate/come out and play … but for today, I’m grateful for your attention and encouragement, and feeling pretty good about how things are coming together in support of a crucial and necessary distinction between me (the human), and that brand I once built (the one that first brought many of you into my orbit in the first place). And, while that will always be my original SocEnt baby, there are additional brands to build. I’ll have more to share about that soon, too.