In 2011, I carefully designed a brand and a logo. I knew it would be a while before I put it to active use, but I knew I would appreciate not having to do that on top of everything else when it came time to Launch The Thing. I also knew there would be a future benefit for having a legible history at such future point when my little project became more visible. When I opened the shop in the fall of 2012, Junket already had a Facebook following and its own website... and I could focus on retail.

In the years since, I've gotten clear that this is how my brain works best: having time to build infrastructure before getting to the visible work...

I hadn't planned to stop writing on this platform (especially not for this long) in late 2022 – but I also hadn't anticipated that the quotation I shared on Junket's 10th anniversary ("I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring") would be the last before I face-planted on icy pavement.

Unable to pour coffee with my dominant arm (for six months) following that unexpected blow, I released myself from the pressure of communicating with any audience at all until I was better equipped to do so again: I figured I'd know when it was time to reengage with the return of a tell-tale intuitive drive – the one that screams: "how could I not?!"

I should acknowledge that I've been teetering on this verge for some weeks...but the kicker came today, when I was awakened at 5:52 by the footfalls and hammer scrapes of a roofing crew overhead. My sleeping 'nook' under the eaves (usually) offers migraine-perfect, dark, and silent-but-for-the-occasionally-skittering-of-a-squirrel-within-four-feet-of-my-face sleeping conditions.

Work boots overhead appears to have been precisely what I needed for walking (to a coffee shop), laptop in arms, to begin, finish, and publish a message worthy of ending a 18-month sabbatical.

In fact, I wrote most of it. And then, I decided that for today, sharing the intention is enough. There will be time for more content. God knows I've got it coming out of my ears and my fingers (when my nervous system isn't otherwise hammered).

You who've held space during the last many months (and years), thank you.

I love y'all. More to come.