Monthly material prep

Overview: Monthly in-person gathering to organize and refine a large volume of specific goods/materials in preparation to reuse them as stand alone or component parts reuse.

Participants: Eco-Anxious Self-Soothers (ADHD, OCD, ASD) with discretionary time and an inclination toward community service.

Customer Profile: Christine is 57 and semi-retired. She drives a Prius Hybrid and enjoys working part time at the local library where she feels protected by safety protocols and enjoys solid relationships with her coworkers and easy connection with regular patrons. She recycles judiciously and participates in her local FB buy & sell groups. She is, however, anxious about the State of the World: she feels guilty about how much she throws away (even as she’s doing her best: she knows it’s a bigger issue than she can solve on her own), worries about her grandkids’ future, and while she loves the connections she’s made online, transacting there feels inefficient, she’s not a huge fan of spending so much non-work time at a screen, and it can take a lot of work to get something from unlisted to picked-up, even when she’s giving things away. She’d like to plug into a network that’s actually *doing* something to reduce waste, maybe something that could also feed her desire to be more creative. If she could ride her bicycle to a volunteer gig and get a bit of exercise, too? Frank would be pleased to see her get out more, and some fresh air would be good for her spirit. 

System Description: Junket’s 100% REUSE Monthly Sorting Bee is a system that multi-solves for social anxiety/isolation while providing an organized materials flow for Crafty Church sessions, paid piecework production, and/or product sales.  Junket’s structured approach turns the chaos of goods/materials donated from multiple community sources (see also: partnerships and event-based collections) into organized, specifically-prepped, pre-production materials and pre-sale goods while offering a meditative, anxiety-reducing practice for those who opt into this voluntary once-monthly community event. Volunteers participate as they are interested/available. Participants may or may not participate in other Junket channels, and may or may not choose to bring materials to the event. 

SDG Mapping & future growth opportunities: This system creates useful, scalable materials flow for piecework production of 100% reuse goods, plus specific, ongoing opportunities for individual contributors to opt into sustainable systems development. Development of this system maps directly to three of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs #3 (Good Health & Wellbeing), #9 (Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure), & #12 (Responsible Consumption & Production), derives materials from upstream circular processes created in service to SDGs #6 (Clean Water & Sanitation) and #13 (Climate Action), and provides material inputs for downstream channels developed in alignment with SDGs #1 (No Poverty), #8 (Decent Work & Economic Growth), & #10 (Reduced Inequalities). 

By packaging this System SOP for rapid replication and making it available on for licensed use in other communities, this system also maps to SDG #9 (Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure). 

Growth/scale opportunities aligned with SDG #17 (Partnerships For The Goals) could include partnering to expand programming into therapeutic, healthcare, and group care environments: Play therapy? Mental health and/or job training programs?