Yesterday, I spent the morning talking with Amiee & Alexis of the Rooted Cosmic Wisdom podcast.  

(TLDR; video version & podcast/audio only)

What I loved about working with these two wonderful humans is that while we come at our understanding of the world from different places, the commonalities are strong: as a species, we have a job to do, and that job is to evolve - spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally.

Whether we talk about this evolution in terms of spiritual dimensions, developing social/emotional maturity, or psychosocial growth, choosing to do the work of leveling up - individually & collectively - will help us weather the storms of uncertainty, of necessary adaptation and frequent pivots and problems with no easy solutions...allowing experience to become wisdom involves being willing to grieve and move forward, still, through difficult and necessary work.

I know. Heavy. The great news is that the work itself isn't heavy: it involves many of the shifts we dream about making in retirement, on vacation, and as we ponder what we'd rather be doing than whatever it is we're doing right now. This is because the work of transition(, adaptation, evolution) involves connecting with others on a human level. It involves the creativity of problem solving, and the heart-centered engagement of caregiving & space-holding and deep breath-taking.

It involves slowing our systems (and our expectations of them and perceived needs within them) to paces that can be sustained without needing to light anything on fire (be that gasoline or other people's butts) to achieve what we think we need. Imagine all the things we talk about wanting to do on vacation or in retirement... The urgency of confronting climate breakdown is the perfect chance to say 'why not now?'

If you would benefit from some enthusiasm for the work ahead of us, check out the video version to get a big ol' dose (of moi without coffee & ADHD meds... i mean, can you even imagine the alternative?!).

The pod is also a pretty good primer for and/or reintroduction to my theoretical (and real world) work in/re: choosing to be accountable for the full impact of our decisions, stewardship and transmutation of embodied energy and matter into social glue, scalable supply chain, and climate mitigation strategy.

It'd be an honor if you'd take the time to listen.

Thanks, friends.


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