Whether stitched by hand or extruded through some industrial machine, everything that already exists is an embodiment of the energy involved in its creation -- but what's most evident as we examine, touch, or hold something (or someone!) is matter.

This is a page of links to post-consumer sales channels. If we're really organized, you may find tags to recent or notable product. But who knows - we've always had bigger eyes than stomach when it came to doing all the things, and the energy put into this will need to be aligned with whatever emerges from the process of building and nurturing and pausing, building, nurturing, pausing.

Expect a range of products and approaches (expect an adventure): we'll be experimenting with process, method, and creative problem solving to explore how best to distribute the most sustainable goods possible via the most efficient and effective methods possible, with an eye toward scale and impact. We've pivoted since inception: why stop now?

As we begin: if you like projects and have an eye for potential, we'd love to have you stake a claim to items as we're loading them on-site where we've found them. You can do that here instagram.com/junketmpls (we'll be moving things away from anything 'meta' and onto our own platform once junket's new engine is firing on a few more cylinders...).

This is not a precious transaction process: items originally slated for disposal might get jostled on the truck after we've photographed them. We'll do our best to get everything transferred in good form, and we'll obvs holler if anything gets really gnarly. Pickups happen on Saturdays in S. Mpls or via paid delivery. Inspections recommended: refunds will be extended before you leave the premises with your purchase, but will thereafter be non-refundable. Delivered products are non-refundable, as are all third party delivery costs.

Fancier junket stuff (hang tight - we're working on this, and we'll share more deets when we're ready to launch!).

Curated supplies for creative writing, stitching, and ethical gift giving: shopjunket.etsy.com

One-offs and oddities that aren't always a brand fit with Junket, but may be a good option for you: ebay.com/. Note: once we have invested the time to research and list single items in detail on a third party platform with a global reach, prices increase accordingly. We're okay waiting for the right buyer and/or the right offer to achieve a fair return on our up front investment of energy, time, and care.

That said, if you're in Minneapolis, online products are always available for pickup in South Minneapolis on scheduled pickup days (for now, that'll be Saturdays, details TBA). We're working to line up courier service, too: better to have one vehicle make a suburban loop than to have 30 (50, 100) individual vehicles travel into the city and back home again like a bunch of spokes.... Also: if you have friends running bike delivery here in town, we always enjoy building out the carfree network and would love to be connected!

And, of course, stay tuned for more (because when you're making meaning at the edge of the waste stream, there's always more).