You guys. I've been wanting to have a fast, automated way to make online product available for local purchase since we lost the shop lease in 2018. I even set up that Instagram product feed IN 2018 with this intention in mind.

1310 days later, I've figured it out (on the 9th Anniversary of our first day in business on Minnehaha, no less)!

CHECK IT OUT (I am going to be adding so many items to this over the next several days and weeks, you don't even know). Then, come pick up the goods at our brand new HQ.

I'm getting ready to send out an update to Junket's mailing list. Today's the day. I might get buried (gotta be willing, right?). Wish me luck. And, if you're free to help get product to people on Saturday, please let me know you're around/available.

Thanks! Hugs!