Julie & Julia have been talking for YEARS now about how we should do a climate adaptation podcast to share our rants about the joys of living in the world of the future (how psychologically soothing it is to live within our environmental means, how the dopamine hits we get in our own backyard are as powerful as any we ever got on vacations to elsewhere, but available anytime! – and how great it would be if the people responsible for communicating change had better frameworks for getting people excited - instead of riled up - around the changes that will make our lives overwhelmingly healthier and better).

Prior to 2020, it seemed that a podcast about designing ethical systems, products, and networks within a climate-data-based framework would be of interest to only the wonkiest of wonks. As Covid-19 reached its original fevered peak and we all sat glued to our screens from inside our houses (if the news wasn't reporting that they had burned down, flooded, or otherwise become inhabitable due to weather issues),  the risks to and realities of lives lived within rapidly increasing meteorological instability reached the mainstream in ways that they had failed to do so previously.

Of course, we continued talking about podcasting, but with a few other things going on, we knew we'd have to wait until we were both able to turn our focus to such a launch. And then, that focus happened.

We've spent the last 10 weeks having five phone conversations each week with the intention of launching, only to find ourselves having moments of OMIGODWHYAREWENOTRECORDINGRIGHTNOW, and SO.

Tomorrow, we're gonna start recording.

We'll see what happens, and what we choose to share. This is a continuing discussion and creative process involving two systems change theory nerds, and we look forward to bringing you along for the journey. Wish us luck!